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Free Download Words - by Kenneth E. Hagin Free Download Words - by Kenneth E. Hagin - Words, Words Yesterday s words shape life today Discover how the words we speak affect families health and success

  • Publisher‏:‎ Faith Library Publications (September 14, 2011)
  • Publication date‏:‎ September 14, 2011
  • Language‏:‎ English
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Free Download Words - by Kenneth E. Hagin, Words, Kenneth E. Hagin, Words Yesterday s words shape life today Discover how the words we speak affect families health and success


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  • Free Download Words - by Kenneth E. Hagin
    448Kenneth E. Hagin

519 thought on “Words

  1. I just had to leave a comment because I bought this almost 30 years ago It change my life and lead me on a quest for God s knowledge, it is truly a WARRIORS BOOK I was buying it for my son, but they are out This gave me and my friends power to move on to powerful books on The God of the UNIVERSE Once YOU UNDERSTAND life and death is in the tongue in the Bible that gives you power HE SPOKE AND CREATED THE UNIVERSE JESUS WAS THE WORD MADE FLESH the Bible says I did not say it gets easier, sometime [...]

  2. Great book I have read it 3 months ago But for your confessions to work, you must understand your righteousness in Christ There are no shortcuts Once I understood this, I have noticed that my confessions have brought in results after a few days Joseph Prince offers many sermons on righteousness That s where our authority comes from I ve been searching for understanding for a long time to receive healing for my child Joseph Prince sermons and revelation from this booklet on putting faith to work [...]

  3. I ve had this book in my digital library for some time I d actually forgotten about it Yet just when I needed it most, the Lord used one of His own to point me in its direction.It is a powerful reminder of the power of our words, good and bad Negative folks tend to speak negatively over themselves and positive folks speak positively What you speak is what you become If you would never speak harsh words to someone you care for, why speak them over yourselves Well I may not speak negatively, but I [...]

  4. Thanks so very much Pastor Hagin for this awesome book It spoke reality s to my life and what I speak on a daily basis Thanks for teaching I have what I say, good or bad has an effect on my life in the future By speaking things from my pass is where I am in my life right now This is a wake call for me to speak better things and extravagant things I can t fathom into my life because nothing is too hard for GOD I would recommend this book to parents, teachers, pastors and anyone who wants to speak [...]

  5. I purchased the Kindle version of this little book I read it in one short session and I will read it over and over It is very powerful about our Words Kenneth E Hagin was a powerful teacher, yet he had the ability to keep his books very simple to understand I m thinking about purchasing a few for friends.

  6. The use of scripture was great for me personally I also like the direct delivery I gave it 3 because I find it hard to relate to authors who present themselves as perfect, with perfect children and a perfect spouse However, I would still recommend this book as a quick read for scriptures and encouragement to build true faith through our words, and learning scriptures that teach us their importance.

  7. This book stresses the importance of our words Words are very important, either they will bless or harm us as well as the people we speak our words over We get exactly what we say We can t afford to speak negative words over ourselves because they will produce a harvest of what we are saying We are created in the image of God who spoke the world into existence with His words First we must renew our minds with the word of God after He changes our heart when we are born again by the infilling of t [...]

  8. Wonderful read It is quite amazing to realize that our Words make or unmake us What we speak is what we get in life, the words that originate in faith Faith does not necessarily have to be or sound positive Faith either positive or negative will work if applied through words In this case, confession was a good term to use Confessing your negative situation because you believe it is what it is will create the same environment you are in without a change Confessing positive words in spite of your [...]

  9. Great book Hagin is just such a man of faith and the Word of God Thoroughly recommend Can t recommend enough Please get this book and read with your Bible.

  10. I love the way Kenneth Hagin keeps His books short, concise and to the point This is a powerful teaching about the words we speak well worth reading and putting into practice.

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