Jan 19, 2022

The Promise

☆ The Promise à Teresa Driscoll ☆ The Promise à Teresa Driscoll - The Promise, The Promise The chilling new psychological thriller from the bestselling author of I Am Watching You It was their darkest secret Three schoolgirls made a promiseto take the horrible truth of what they di

  • Publisher‏:‎ Thomas & Mercer (February 7, 2019)
  • Publication date‏:‎ February 7, 2019
  • Language‏:‎ English
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☆ The Promise à Teresa Driscoll, The Promise, Teresa Driscoll, The Promise The chilling new psychological thriller from the bestselling author of I Am Watching You It was their darkest secret Three schoolgirls made a promiseto take the horrible truth of what they did to the grave Thirty years later Beth and Sally have tried to put the trauma behind them Though Carol has distanced herself from her former friends the three are adamant that the truth

The Promise

☆ The Promise à Teresa Driscoll ☆ The Promise à Teresa Driscoll - The Promise, The Promise The chilling new psychological thriller from the bestselling author of I Am Watching You It was their darkest secret Three schoolgirls made a promiseto take the horrible truth of what they di The Promise Promise Technology Storage Solutions for IT, Cloud PROMISE Technology is a leading developer of high performance storage solutions tailor made for the data center, surveillance, cloud, and rich media markets PROMISE specializes in providing the latest in scalable SAN storage, Thunderbolt enabled storage, NAS storage, and personal and enterprise cloud storage solutions for clients in different verticals. Promise constructor JavaScript MDN The promise object will become resolved when either of the functions resolutionFunc or rejectionFunc are invoked Note that if you call resolutionFunc or rejectionFunc and pass another Promise object as an argument, you can say that it is resolved, but still cannot be College Promise College Promise for All Policy Framework Stakeholder Resources COVID Resources Careers Institute Highlights Highlights Commitment Statement News and Insights Contact Donate Imagine if college were as universal, free, and accessible as high school Learn About College Promise For All. Promisel JavaScript MDN The Promisel method takes an iterable of promises as an input, and returns a single Promise that resolves to an array of the results of the input promises This returned promise will resolve when all of the input s promises have resolved, or if the input iterable contains no promises It rejects immediately upon any of the input promises rejecting or non promises throwing an Tennessee Promise TN TN Higher Education Commission Student Assistance Corporation Emily House, Executive Director Rosa Parks Ave, th Floor Nashville, TN tnomise tn Sandy Hook Promise Preventing Gun Violence Before it Happens Sandy Hook Promise trains students and adults to know the signs of gun violence so that no parent experiences the tragic, preventable loss of their child. Promise Keepers We re Building on the Past to Redefine The Promise Keepers App Download for iOS Download for Android STAY CONNECTED Sign up to receive the latest news and resources delivered to you Leave this field empty if you re human GET IN TOUCH P.O Box Colorado Springs, CO DISCOVER PK Resources The Blog CONNECT Our Promise Promise Neighborhoods The Center supports the Promise Neighborhood vision that all children and youth growing up in Promise Neighborhoods have access to great schools and strong systems of family and community support that will prepare them to attain an excellent education and successfully transition to college and a career. Home Pencils of Promise Pencils of Promise creates a better world through education, building schools, and WASH programs Become a part of something bigger than yourself promise polyfill npm Promise Polyfill Lightweight ES Promise polyfill for the browser and node Adheres closely to the spec It is a perfect polyfill IE or any other browser that does not support native promises For API information about Promises, please check out this article HTMLRocks article.

  • ☆ The Promise à Teresa Driscoll
    224Teresa Driscoll
The Promise

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  1. The premise was good The writing was ho hum Every time I came back I had to remind myself of what I was reading, who the characters were and what went on before my break That was fine It was interesting enough to plod on But then it slid into a downward spiral Descriptions of adolescent girls in compromising situations and glorified immorality is not my idea of a fun read So chalk this one up to a loss I won t finish it I made a promise not to read books that titillate Good books don t need it.

  2. This is the story of Beth, Sally Carol who met in boarding school When they were 14, something awful happened to Carol The 3 of them covered it up they promised never to tell anyone Ever Soon after her 18th birthday, Carol left school and distanced herself from Beth Sally.Beth wishes she could undo the bad thing do the right thing instead Maybe, their lives could have been completely different if she had She keeps it all bottled up She longs to be rid of the guilt the shame.Sally Beth remain clo [...]

  3. This is my first book by Teresa Driscoll I will be reading by this author Sally, Carol and Beth are childhood friends at a boarding school They are very close, but lose contact their senior year following an unnamed tragedy and promise to keep it secret Years later, the announcement that the school is being sold leads Sally and Beth to search for Carol, in order to renew contact They are scared that their secret will come out as a result of the schools ending Carol seems not to want to be found, [...]

  4. Teresa Driscoll is a talented storyteller The Promise kept me glued because I wanted to know the story behind the story of three girls aged 14, making a promise to take the truth to the grave Certainly, some of the tale was a psychological thriller, but for me, the story was of a sad tale about what happens when you keep secrets and attempt to cover up the truth.I remember being involved once with someone who asked me what I was most ashamed of In truth, I had to think long and hard about his qu [...]

  5. Total wow of a book Every time I thought I had it figured out, something else happened The central mystery could have been quite stereotypical, but became much in the hands of this talented author I also was not fond of the central character, but grew to care about and appreciate her as the story went on Even the times that I guessed what might happen still stopped me in my tracks when the full picture was uncovered I seriously had to stop and catch my breath at the end.

  6. The Promise is a psychological thriller that begins with a gripping and bloody first chapter The author keeps the suspense going throughout the book thus enabling the reader to wonder about what in the world is The Promise The story revolves around three women who have been friends, Beth, Carol, and Sally, since boarding school They share a horrendous secret that they promise to keep to themselves, never sharing with another soul They drift apart over the years, especially Carol who moves away t [...]

  7. So much was wrong with this story I don t know where to begin I doubt the author attended boarding school, least of a catholic convent there were so many glaring errors Nuns called Sister Joanne really In my day they all had saint s names and usually male saints at that Grass on a hockey pitch Really What happened to Redgras Every single character had to have a secret , the alcoholic father, the philandering father, the hoarder mother, the ex cop who s riddled with guilt when a thief he s chasin [...]

  8. After reading Teresa Driscoll s last two thrillers, I Am Watching You and The Friend, I was incredibly excited to read The Promise I wasn t disappointed, this is an absolutely stunning book A few people have pointed out that it s a slower burner than her last two novels, and I d agree, but I think this is one of the best things about The Promise this isn t just another thrill a minute shlocky read, it really gets under your skin in such an effective way by the time I got to the conclusion so pow [...]

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